About Us

Evergreen Housekeeping Services Pvt. Ltd. has earned a reputation by developing innovative method to deliver high quality services. At the same time, we have continually expanded our expertise across a variety of modern techniques and machines in order to serve the corporate more effectively in a mechanized way. Evergreen is a professional choice in more than 100 companies through its commitment to provide the right solution to the housekeeping need. Evergreen meet to goals of helping the corporate save their time, money and efforts, while obtaining superior results, by providing the best of method and accessories that work most effectively. Evergreen combines its commitment to quality and innovation with world-class customer services.


We are a one stop shop for solving all the housekeeping requirements of our customers. Our services are backed by a trained manpower coupled with sophisticated equipment that has brought us way ahead of our competitors.


The most important and pertinent part of an efficient organization is the quality control and we are proud to declare that we have a unique way of doing the same. A strict quality control is achieved with the assistance of the following personnel.


Evergreen the leader among few in facility management & executive housekeeping business is mainly due its skilled and efficient manpower. We, at Evergreen train and motivate our personnel to the optimum.

Our Philosophy

The philosophy of Evergreen define the way the customers are served the people are Served and people are treated. It the foundation upon which everything else is built

Professional Excellence

To develop and maintain standard of professional excellence in services delivery: The main purpose of evergreen is to create and keep valued clients. We continually work towards achieving excellence which is a never ending process.

Immense Opportunity

To develop our people: Another important goal of Evergreen is to help provide our people immense opportunity to grow with the enterprise. We work towards continuous devolvement of our people to fullest potential through training and constant briefing.

Objectives Accomplishment

To grow with profitability it is necessary to view profit as reason to survive in the industry but this cannot be viewed as the sole reason of a company’s existence. Profitability is the mean to accomplish our main objectives.
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